Online Instructions for Sponsoring a Seat:

Instructions: In the Donation Information Section below, select your desired Seat Naming Opportunity level and click the Add Donation button. To add multiple seats to your order, repeat this process for each seat you wish to reserve.

Seat preferences can be indicated in the space provided. While we will make every effort to accommodate seat preferences, named seat locations will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Please note that seat naming opportunities do not include any ticket purchases, memberships, reservations or rights to sit in the named seat during events held in the auditorium. Seat naming applies to the usable life of the chair being installed in 2017. Plaques will remain in place until any future capital improvements are made to auditorium seating.

Plaque Inscriptions: One plaque will be prominently displayed on each named seat. Each plaque may feature up to three (3) lines of text, with approximately 23 characters (including spaces) per line. Plaques can feature text in either English or Japanese. A Japan Society representative will contact you directly about the inscriptions for your plaque(s) before they are inscribed. Plaque dimensions are approximately 1" high by 3" wide. 

Please use the comments box in the Additional Information Section below to include your inscription with your reservation. When entering text, please use the “/” symbol to indicate line breaks. To indicate separate inscriptions for multiple plaques, please indicate each inscription by enumerating it (eg. Inscription 1: followed by the text ; Inscription 2: followed by the text; etc….).

Tribute Gifts: A seat naming opportunity can be used as a way to honor or remember a friend, loved one or colleague. This online form will allow you to enter the details for one tribute gift at a time and indicate if you would like for us to send a notification to the individual on your behalf. To reserve multiple seat naming opportunities as a tribute gift, online, please complete a separate online reservation form for each tribute gift.

Donation Information
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